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MEGA Outlines Solutions for Business Transformation
Kevin Costa, who works with companies on business change programs, says that IT groups and business teams are collaborating together within organizations to support corporate strategy and provide leaders with the right decision-making tools and information.
Kevin Costa
Business Change Manager

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Governance : Business Leadership
> New Board Governance Program Launched
> Seyfarth Adds Corporate Partner Michael Clark in Los Angeles
> Losses Keep Piling Up At Financial Services Firms
> Is Employee Cynicism Killing Your Culture?
> Key Legal Risks for Companies in 2014
> Federal Regulations Devour $1.8 Trillion
> Boards to Rethink Risk Oversight
> NYSE Euronext introduces NYSE Governance Services
> Forums to Advance Board-Shareholder Relations
> Excellence in Governance Awards Criteria Announced
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Governance : Department of the Treasury
> Financial Stability Oversight Council Releases Annual Report
> Remarks by Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew at the Meeting of the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC)
> Secretary Geithner Resigns
Governance : GRC Platforms
> Increasing Importance of Risk Management to Auditors
> American National Selects Wolters Kluwer
> New Tools to Meet TILA-RESPA Implementation Challenges
> Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Launches Examiner iTrade Mobile Technology
> MEGA Introduces New Compliance Solution
> MEGA Offers New Tips for Execs to Manage Enterprise Complexity
> Wolters Kluwer The Leading Operational Risk Management Provider
> Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Launches New TILA-RESPA Resource Center
> MetricStream Is A Leader In EH&S Audit
> Resources Offer Guidance for Lenders on Broad Implications of New Rule
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Governance : Investor Relations
> Boards Seek Industry Experience in New Directors
Governance : Legal
> How-To Guides for Governing Information
Governance : Risk
> WeiserMazars Continues to Grow
> Iron Mountain Publishes How-To Guide for Cutting Information Risk
> Investors Consider Consider Climate Change Investment Strategies
> Infigen Energy Chooses MetricStream for Integrated Solution
> Governance & Accountability Institute Chosen as Data Partner for GRI
Governance : Securities & Exchange Commission
> SEC Charges Company CEO and Former CFO with Hiding Internal Controls Deficiencies and Violating Sarbanes-Oxley Requirements
> SEC Adopts Money Market Fund Reform Rules
> Opening Statement at the SEC Open Meeting Chair Mary Jo White
> SEC Adopts Cross Border Security Based Swap Rules
> Cross Border Securities Based Swap Rules
> Presidential Statement on the Departure of SEC Chairman
> SEC Chairman to Step Down
Governance : Technology
> Successes in Managing Enterprise Complexity
> Successes in Managing Enterprise Complexity
> ACL Combats Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
> ISACA Reaches 45 Years and 115,000 Constituents
> HOPEX Platform Solves Enterprise Complexity Challenges

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